Tell Me the Story

by Jeff Kaspar

Holy Spirit, tell me the story of Jesus
I want to hear every single word
Don't leave out a single thing
Because each time that I have heard
The tale of love intricately woven
From Father's heart to earth
Life renews inside dead places
Resurrection bursting forth
Tell me the story of Jesus
How He healed all who came
He bound up the broken hearted
Helped those walk who once were lame
A bruised reed will not be broken
Each too precious to throw aside
Smoking flax will not be snuffed out
He counts each one as His new bride
Please tell me the story of Jesus
Of His suffering even of His death
How at the Cross He bowed His head
Dismissed His Spirit with His last breath
How the Cross reminds my heart to trust
How the tomb reminds me I once died
He carried my sins far away
Now I sit on a throne by His side
Please tell me again the story of Jesus
I need to hear every single word
I'll listen a thousand times a thousand again
Matters not how many times I've heard
The story of love written
In the fleshy tables of my heart
Jesus’ death and resurrection
His promise He will never ever part
Tell me the story of Jesus
Can I tell you of how He changed my life
I once was lost, but in Him, I’m found
He bore the burden of all my strife
My eyes, which once saw only darkness,
Fear consumed my every thought
Now His light chases away my shadows
Because, with His Blood, I was bought
I love You, Jesus.
Thank You, Spirit
In Jesus’ name

Jeff Kaspar is a Christian poet who has overcome great adversity as the Lord transformed him to who he is today. He is a former drug addict, 2 time cancer survivor, suffered depression with suicidal tendencies; who is now delivered and free by the love and grace of Jesus. Now the Lord uses Jeff in ministry to help others break free and find healing. He distributes his poetry to encourage and uplift those in his life. He is also a tax accountant and graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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