The Determination of Fate

by A.M. Moodley

Shall I explore thou world outside of mine?
Thou world outside is more gorgeous and bright,
For fresh air, earth, and thy clear sky I pine,
‘Tis lovely even in the dead of night;
Doth thou world ever end or ever fade?
My world is fading and will soon be gone,
A farewell that I will be forced to bade,
Shall this be where I forever belong?
Or down will I go to the fiery depths,
Where demons prowl and no free breath is heard,
‘Tis a home of suffering, pain, and death,
A place where I will always be disturbed;
But I have faith in thee and thine own words,
That thou will bring me up to hear the birds.

A.M. Moodley is a 12-year-old Catholic girl in grade seven with a strong passion for story writing and poetry. She enjoys writing fantasy and fiction stories, as well as poems of all sorts. She lives in Canada with her parents and two (soon to be three) siblings. She really hopes to continue writing throughout her life and make people see the beauty in poetry.

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