Our Servant King

by Jeff Kaspar

He is tender hearted
Soft, gentle, and kind
He’s promised He’ll save
He’ll leave none behind
He treads softly 
Through hearts that are broken
Bringing love and Grace
Through His every word spoken
He binds up the feeble
He rescues the weak
Those who think they’re forgotten
Yes, it’s them that He seeks
A bruised reed 
He will never break
He brings resurrection
He’ll do whatever it takes
Smoking Flax won’t be quenched
Their flame never snuffed out
He placed them in Father’s hands
Restoration is what He’s about
When their love towards God
Is ready to expire 
He rekindles their flame
Grace to fuel their fire
Their wick is renewed
Burns brightly again
Cause Jesus treads softly
Through hearts of men
Girdled with love 
To wash our feet
Teach us we’re whole
In Him we’re complete
We’re not broken not lost
Because in Him we’re found
Free from the chains and barbed wire
That chokes hearts tightly wound
He’ll never leave those
Who cry desperate tears
He comes to those hurting
He shatters their fears
He’s a Servant King set apart
There’s none quite like Jesus
He’ll let nothing separate
He’ll remove what’s between us
His love is surmounting
His Grace superabounding
His heart overflowing
His Glory shining and glowing
His Spirit descending
To hearts that need mending
The Seconds I’m counting
On Eagle’s wings, we’ll be mounting
The downtrodden belong to Jesus
They are forever His pride
They’ll inherit His kingdom
They’ll sit on thrones by His side.
In Jesus’ name. 

Jeff Kaspar is a Christian poet who has overcome great adversity as the Lord transformed him to who he is today. He is a former drug addict, 2 time cancer survivor, suffered depression with suicidal tendencies; who is now delivered and free by the love and grace of Jesus. Now the Lord uses Jeff in ministry to help others break free and find healing. He distributes his poetry to encourage and uplift those in his life. He is also a tax accountant and graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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