Broken Prayers

by Jeff Kaspar

If I just keep my prayers positive
Force a smile onto my face
Say the words that sound good
Pretend I’m not in that broken place
Never let anyone see my pain
Not even my Father up in Heaven
Then the sadness buried deep
Won’t pollute my heart like leaven
A gentle voice inside me whispers,
It’s okay to let Me see Your pain
I suffered on the Cross just for you
Child, let My pain become your gain
I’m not afraid of all that hurt
Inside those forgotten rooms,
I’ll sit and wait until you’re ready
To come meet me at the tomb
Come and see my resting place
Bury it with me under stone 
I’ve already shattered every chain
Prepared your place beside my throne
I prefer honesty spoken from that place
So deep inside your prayers sound broken
Over words voiced hiding behind walls
Filled with flowery words spoken
It’s your heart, child, that I seek most
Your heart is my most prized treasure
The payment I gave for it at the Cross
Was priceless beyond measure.
In Jesus’ name 

Jeff Kaspar is a Christian poet who has overcome great adversity as the Lord transformed him to who he is today. He is a former drug addict, 2 time cancer survivor, suffered depression with suicidal tendencies; who is now delivered and free by the love and grace of Jesus. Now the Lord uses Jeff in ministry to help others break free and find healing. He distributes his poetry to encourage and uplift those in his life. He is also a tax accountant and graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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