Freedom’s Song

by Jeff Kaspar

The devil flings fiery darts 
From hidden secret places
Meant to impale
Blood running down our faces
But each fiery arrow
Is quenched by a melody
Because my weapon is the song
Jesus sang just for me
There once was a time
I was lost in oceans of pain
Enjoying the lusts of the world
Indulging time and time again
Then I heard a melody
Piercing through the night
The most beautiful singing
Calling me into the light
It was my Beautiful Savior’s voice
A song only I could hear
Telling me it’s ok child
Follow my voice come near
It lulled my heart 
I was instantly hypnotized
I followed it’s beauty
Til I looked in Jesus eyes
The Grace in that tune
The light in His gaze
Cut through the confusion
Led me out of the foggy haze
He sang me to freedom
Songs of forgiveness and Grace
Love dripping from every note
Like honey running down my face
He sang me to wholeness
He taught me, in Him, I’m complete
He showed me Father’s wrath 
Forever covered by the Mercy seat
All Father’s anger towards me
Poured into Jesus on the Cross
Now I’m redeemed and free
In His great love, I am lost
Then Jesus taught me the tune
We now sing in perfect harmony
Together we sang away my pain
I’m His forever and now I’m free
In Jesus’ name

Jeff Kaspar is a Christian poet who has overcome great adversity as the Lord transformed him to who he is today. He is a former drug addict, 2 time cancer survivor, suffered depression with suicidal tendencies; who is now delivered and free by the love and grace of Jesus. Now the Lord uses Jeff in ministry to help others break free and find healing. He distributes his poetry to encourage and uplift those in his life. He is also a tax accountant and graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas.

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