by Maren Prince

I am a traveler, 
sojourning between the now and then,
spending only seconds surrounded
by mere acquaintances,
familiar with the abstract
that comes with continual movement,
or lack of settlement—
the lack of establishment that makes me call those close to me home.
I know this constant adjustment
is not common for today, 
for people tend to become comfortable where they are, reluctant to change. 
I’ve found, though, that this type of traveling
strengthens both my soul and the soles of my feet,
for though they are callused, they are strong. 
I am a traveler, 
and I am discovering how being in the between
is renewing; how much joy can come from running, and reaching, and seeking.
Although I have no house, or land, or wealth,
I am rich beyond compare,
for I know that that there is a Home 
waiting for me, better than even a glimpse of home here. 

Maren Prince is a rising second-year student at Colorado Christian University in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys reflecting on the nature of Christ in her work, and she is grateful to have the opportunity to share it with others. 

One thought on “Sojourner

  1. Maren! What a beautiful poem. I love it- linguistically precise and so descriptive. Keep writing!!!


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