by Maren Prince

Prepare the way for Him, the King of Kings,
Who comes with peace atop a brown donkey.
Prepare the leaves, and cloaks, and all your rings, 
For He is here to set His people free. 

Behold, the Lamb beneath the olive trees,
Crying, bleeding, fearing the pain to come.
Praying to God, “Take this cup from me please,”
He realizes soon what He will become. 

You march out toward the hill of Calvary,
Bewitched by lies, and pride, and greed, and gold.
You nail the Lord, and crown Him, too sharply,
He breathes His last and then, His head, it folds. 

But wait, there’s more! He, buried in the stone,
Arose! God’s plan fulfilled; your sins are gone! 

Maren Prince is a rising second-year student at Colorado Christian University in Denver, Colorado. She enjoys reflecting on the nature of Christ in her work, and she is grateful to have the opportunity to share it with others. 

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