As I Allow My Soul To Heal

by Stephanie Daich

Beneath the mask that shields me,
              Dark is my mind and soul,
Through your deception, I could not see.
              To ensnare me was your goal.

To the street, you have kicked me,
              left me in the gutter to die alone.
Passed over by humanity,
              My heart has turned to stone.

In times of past, I gave to charity.
              By your side, worshiped in your church.
Giving love, I served with sincerity,
              While you glared at me from your perch.

In the collapse of a failing nation
              I tried to hold my head high
Trapped by my lowly station
              I’ve been spit on; left to die.

It was only when I released your hold,
              Giving my life to a higher power.
I removed the worldly blindfold
              And felt redemption that very hour.

Separated from needing your acceptance,
              It matters not my fate.
Ignoring your disapproving glance,
              I keep my eyes on the golden gate.

Beneath the mask that shields me,
              God’s love, I now feel.
Releasing the hate, I am free,
              As I allow my soul to heal.

Stephanie Daich writes to explore the soul and escape the pressures of life. Publications include Making Connections, Youth Imaginations, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kindness Matters, and others.

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