Thief On The Cross

by Teresa Burleson

The crowd jeered that day.
The religious mocked.
Even the one
They hung beside Him
Reviled the Fairest.
But the man
On the other side
Spoke up for Him.
That thief,
Though a condemned felon,
Had eyes to see past the veil,
Eyes to see
The utterly Despised
Was truly God.
With his dying breath,
He acclaimed the Crucified
As King.
And found himself
Swallowed up by Life.

Teresa Burleson has been writing poems about Jesus since she was 17. Her work has appeared in over 45 magazines. Her desire is to communicate the truth in a clear, fresh and compelling way. To read more about her third book, Redefined Who You are in Christ, that was recently released on Amazon, visit

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