The Definition of a Blessing, and What It Entails

by Jordan Zuniga

To ask me what does it mean on how God blesses and in what way?

With specifics and regarding His sovereignty, I honestly could not say!

For the times and the seasons and all of that it could be bring,

Are another means for the Lord on high to make hearts turn to him and sing!

The profit of a farmer may not match to the profit of a king,

And the health of the poor man strong and sturdy may be better,

Then the rich maiden that is hoping for a cure that is yet to bring.

The house full of riches may be destitute of children and achieving fertility harder,

The profit of a tanner will be different then the riches of a jewelcrafter.

Industry and its market, the consideration of how much and the amount of skill,

The blessings of excellent craftsmanship and the perseverance to work hard with all your will.

The genius artist in his pursuit may still be ragged in clothes for some reason,

For opportunity must meet with the willingness at its Godly appointed season.

There are some with great knowledge and wisdom, but never see abundance in silver or gold,

Others who lack such prudence, yet their hearts are arrogant and bold.

There are some very poor and destitute but their great faith has not been seen,

By the greatest and the influential who do not consider what could have been.

Others old of age who have much but toil alone and yearning for love with long strife,

And the poor whose hearts are merrier than those with abundant royal wine, as a husband and a wife.

Others with plenty and abundance others yearning for just a snack,

But God’s provision and royal abundance will most often be shown in our lack.

To then ask, “What is a blessing from God, and how could one then decide?”

My response is, “Neither this nor that, but His promises are sure thing to trust in and confide,

For the greatest of any blessing is not finances, health, long life, and prosperity to increase,

It is a relationship with the Lord Himself, and His son, the Prince of peace!”

For to have the Lord and His favor in all the scattering of every Godly appointed seed,

I ask you with all due earnesty, “What other thing do you need?”

Such things should make us consider the Lord’s character and ponder,

For his blessings are personal, his relationship intimate, and His name so full of Wonder…

Jordan Zuniga is an emerging Christian poet, devotional writer, and fiction writer. He has multiple pieces published by Christian Devotions, The Upper Room, Calla Press, Agape Review, and other publications. He is actively seeking representation from a literary agent. If you enjoy his work, and would like to support his creative efforts, please follow him on Instagram @cccreativewriter. All inquiring literary agents can contact him via the linked Instagram’s private messenger.

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