I Will Pray

by Omekawum Juliet

When doubts and fears assail,
And troubles weigh me down,
I’ll turn to you in prayer,
And lift my heart and crown.

With every breath I take,
I’ll offer up my plea,
For strength to face the day,
And hope to see tomorrow’s tree.

I’ll trust in you to guide me,
Through all of life’s dark night,
I’ll lean on you to steady me,
And make everything alright.

I’ll pray for peace and healing,
For all the world to share,
I’ll pray for love and understanding,
For all of us to care.

So when the road ahead is long,
And shadows fall around,
I’ll raise my voice in prayer,
With faith that you’ll be found. 

Omekawum Juliet is a Nigerian poet and writer. She is eighteen-years-old and has been writing poetry and quotes for two years. She is an ardent lover of nature and tourism, and has been published in some online mags and mini journals. Her poems have been published in SYNW, One Page Spotlight, among others. Her interests are writing, studying, and listening to music.

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