by Ryan Cogley

I want to make a confession,
my sins for You to take.
It’s about my profession,
and I know for certain that I’ve made a mistake.

I hate myself for what I’ve done,
chastised myself day in and day out.
I feel like there’s no hope,
like I’m at the end of my rope.
But then I look to the sky,
Your shining light glowing so high.
My palms are pressed together at my heart,
and I stutter a little before I start.
“My Lord, I have sinned,” I profess.
Wind breezes past me as I continue to confess.
“I beg for Your forgiveness,” I say,
and just like that, the wind goes away.
A shining ray of light spills down from a cloud,
engulfing me as I beg for Your mercy aloud.
Your warmth tickles my skin,
and I cannot suppress a grin.
My Lord, I am grateful for Your decision,
the decision that I will be forgiven.

When Your ray travels back to the sky, I feel whole again,
ready to start a new.
I’ve been cleansed of my misdeeds,
all thanks to You.

Ryan Cogley is an Irish writer. He holds a BA in Psychology and MA in Research from South East Technological University. His work has featured in The Wexford Bohemian, Loft Books, and many more. He is the author of The Elemental Witches series. You can find out more at

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