by Omekawum Juliet

In the darkest night, when all seems lost,
And every hope and dream is tossed,
God's hand reaches down to save,
And guides us on a brand new wave.

His love is like a shining light,
That pierces through the darkest night,
And though we may have stumbled far,
His grace will bring us to a new start.

With every tear that falls, He sees,
And sends His comfort on the breeze,
He takes the broken pieces, mends,
And makes them whole again.

Through trials and temptations, still,
His love will never change or wane,
And when we reach the end of days,
We'll see the restoration of our ways.

So let us trust in God above,
And know that He is filled with love,
For He alone can make all things new,
And bring about His restoration true.

Omekawum Juliet is a Nigerian poet and writer. She is eighteen-years-old and has been writing poetry and quotes for two years. She is an ardent lover of nature and tourism, and has been published in some online mags and mini journals. Her poems have been published in SYNW, One Page Spotlight, among others. Her interests are writing, studying, and listening to music.

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