For Whom I’m Thankful

by Ryan Cogley

Dear Lord,
I dedicate this poem to you
as a thank you
for everything that You do.
You make me feel loved,
and protected.

Whenever I feel blue,
I go to You.
If I’m down,
After one prayer, You take away my frown.
When I feel lost,
I know that You will be there for me no matter the cost.
When I feel scared,
I know that You will always make me feel prepared.
And when I feel like I’m about to cry,
You urge me to look up to the sky,
to look at You,
and You take the tears away from my eye.
Like I’m the most important person in the world,
the one amongst many that You’ve heard.

For this I will be forever grateful,
Your kindness ensures that I will never be hateful.
And one thing that I know is true,
My Lord, I love You.

Ryan Cogley is an Irish writer. He holds a BA in Psychology and MA in Research from South East Technological University. His work has featured in The Wexford Bohemian, Loft Books, and many more. He is the author of The Elemental Witches series. You can find out more at

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