The Power of the Word

by Pett Ezra Isaac

The word is powerful,
The word is source of life,
Life which brought humanity,
And the light that shines in the darkness,
The darkness has never put it out,
Never put it out.

I bow down before the throne of the Lord.
With a loud a voice of praise and worship,
From my heart.
Letting the word to fill me 
So that my soul thirst no more
So that am kept close to the word.

The word rebukes evil, 
The word rebukes wind and waves 
which all listen and obey.
His presences is enough to cause living
And everlasting testimonies on the lips of a man.

Pett Ezra Isaac is a 19-year-old Ugandan poet who writes poems on different themes. His work has been published in different anthologies. He is currently a student at the Kololo secondary school.

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