by Gail Marie

The Bible seems to say
That I should
Turn the other cheek
Walk the extra mile
Let them have my cloak
But won’t they
Slap me even harder
Kick me to the curb
And leave me in the cold
Probably not back then
They only
Could slap one cheek
Make you walk one mile
Take a coat, not cloak
Your offer
Would slap them harder
Push them further
Make them shiver
Then they’d be forced to see
Just how much
A slap would hurt
A push would wound
And cold would sting
And they might
Reach out a hand
And help you stand
And warm your heart
If not, it’s their loss

Gail Marie spent her childhood in a small country town in Pennsylvania. Even then she loved reading and writing poetry. Her journey with God took her to a church in New York City where she met her husband. The city claimed 33 of her years as she raised and homeschooled her five children. After retiring to Michigan for five years her husband passed away unexpectedly.  Writing poetry during that time became a life line, helping her to process the pain. Now she lives in Tennessee as she continues to foster creativity, write and refine her poetry. 

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