Merry Christmas

by Anthony J. Rubi

Thank You Jesus, for being wonderful. 
Your life in me, ‘tis bright and colorful. 
In times of trouble, You’re a counselor; 
Without You, I’m a futile amateur. 
I bless You, my Everlasting Father, 
For giving me Your Son—not a scoffer. 
Yet, it pleased You, to bruise, His guiltless flesh, 
Saving souls, from here, to Bangladesh! 
Thank You, Mighty God, for the holiday, 
Protecting me, from being, cast away. 
I magnify You, Jesus—Prince of Peace, 
For being human, to wisdom increase. 
You were tempted, at all points, without sin. 
So I’m praising You, for Your, all time win, 
Salvation for mankind, throughout the land. 
I magnify You Lord—The Holy Lamb! 
But some flee Christmas, like bolting chickens. 
Avoiding fun stories by Charles Dickens. 
They feel trapped, by clever vend marketing. 
Shouting curses at retail targeting, 
Bewildering their souls from God’s pure gift, 
As they scatter abroad, and go adrift; 
Not seeing the most obvious clear facts 
—The proof of Jesus, and The Book of Acts! 
Christmas Carols are really about Him, 
The Lord Jesus—for Scrooge, and Tiny Tim. 
So this season, let’s give a shout. 
For His blood saved us from eternal clout. 
Help us Lord, to patiently, wait on You, 
While living to see, our future breakthrough. 
Lead us, Father, to live in forgiveness, 
And to all, everywhere—Merry Christmas! 

Anthony J. Rubi has a degree in “Communication” from Salt Lake Community College; and a “Diploma in Biblical Studies” from The BBN Bible Institute. His recent publication “The Pandemic Hymns” was released through Amazon books on August, 27, 2022. 

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