The Lost Path

by Nichole Conran

I came across this path before,
It was very dreary.
It seems to have a special lure
For those down and weary.
The brush is greatly overgrown,
The sky is overcast.
There is a sign that is well known
It reads; “You will not last.”
How did I come this way again?
I tried another trail.
The pathway had a sudden end,
Yet I refused to fail.
The sign hung crooked on its post
The branches creaked and swayed.
To run was what I wanted most,
Yet I wasn’t dismayed.
My stride began to quicken then,
My heart was beating fast.
If day light fell to an end,
I knew I would not last.
Decaying leaves loomed by my head,
I swept them all away
When, in the clearing up ahead,
I saw another way.
So many flowers blooming there!
The sun’s rays gleamed so bright
New cobblestone shone crystal clear
As I followed the light.

Nichole Conran is an Occupational Therapy Assistant currently living in Epping, NH. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She is a Christian and an aspiring poet. 

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