Spirit Fruit

by Gail Marie

Eat from the tree of life
Relish the Spirit fruit
Absorb the nutrients
That empower your soul
Love your neighbor
Love yourself
Actions speak louder
And talk is cheap
Unspeakable joy
Like a deep spring
That wells up from within
And shares its bounty
Peace that passes understanding
Silent waves of ease
Calm the mighty roaring
Of rivers of unrest
Patient toleration
Judgement free zone
Cause no one has a right
To throw the first stone
Kindness warms the heart
Restoring faith and hope
Negates the hard knocks
That beat us down and out
Goodness - gracious generosity
Not some moral high-ground
A conduit of Spirit
A two-way flow
The faithful meet life head-on
They stand through thick and thin
Confront the lies without
And battle lies within
A gentle touch brings healing
And quiets the wounded beast
It crumbles fake pretenses
And opens the spirit-path
When danger rears its ugly head
The flesh fights for control
Compose yourself with deeper breaths
And let the Spirit flow

Gail Marie spent her childhood in a small country town in Pennsylvania. Even then she loved reading and writing poetry. Her journey with God took her to a church in New York City where she met her husband. The city claimed 33 of her years as she raised and homeschooled her five children. After retiring to Michigan for five years her husband passed away unexpectedly.  Writing poetry during that time became a life line, helping her to process the pain. Now she lives in Tennessee as she continues to foster creativity, write and refine her poetry. 

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