My Thanks to God

by Andrew Festa

I am a lost boy
in a lost and darkening world...
but for the touch of God
upon my broken self,
the grace of Him
who fixes the mess of us,
the reach of love
that brings the dark into the light;
and no one knows like God
the ever present need for
the touch, the grace, the reach,
and the hope that gives us more
than we ever wanted,
more even than we knew we lacked.

For the awesome truth
of such a request as we received
-to follow Him who saves-
for which I am eternally grateful,
I give my thanks to God.
Praise Him whose love is so perfect
as to measure grace to each of us
to make complete, whole and blessed
that which was broken in the ignorance of self.

A graduate of Penn State University, The Behrend College in Erie PA, with a BA in English, Creative Writing, Andrew Festa has been writing nearly all his life, initially writing out of vanity and self-edification, but now (and for the many years since accepting The Lord as his savior) he is fully committed to writing in service to The Lord. His work has not been published previously, choosing instead to post in the various Christian Facebook pages in which he is a member, and also passing along to others who need to hear the messages. Andrew firmly believes that, “If you listen with faith, you can hear The Lord speak.” God gave us our talents; it is a joy to use our talents to serve Him who loves us beyond measure.

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