Extravagant Worship

by Tabitha N. Munyoki

John 12

Hosanna, Hosanna to the King
With song and substance, in all seasons
Service proceeding from revelation, not assumption
Founded on the gifting’s already given at His feet
Not off tangent, not off purpose
Neither lost in the familiar, lest the instruction is missed
Fixated on the source, in spirit and truth
My weakness submitted lest it leads to indifference
His strength perfected in my imperfection
My availability, the reasonable service
My sacrifice qualified, my time surrendered
Established in His ways, at a place of responsibility
I break my alabaster jar, let this oil flow
Broken to serve, made whole to manifest
Not just in dreams and vision, rather
Overshadowed by the experience of the father
The God of knowledge, discerning distinctive mandates
Service in alignment to purpose
No longer blind, partaking in the vision of things to come
Extravagant worship, expressed and defined
From a heart healed by the King

Dr. Tabitha N. Munyoki is a registered medical doctor currently working with Centre of Excellence HIV Management (COEHM) as a PMTCT lead in Kenyatta National Hospital-Kenya. She is a graduate of the University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health in the same institution. She is a Christian, a mental health advocate, bibliophile, and a budding poet.

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