Stuck in a Rut

by Mark Weinrich

Somehow, I keep plowing
through sand and grit, 
forcing my way
as though something 
or someone is chasing me.

And the storm cloud
appears in the side mirror,
the chattering of gravel
the shuddering stop,
wheels spinning.

I keep glancing
in the review mirror
hoping to see my future
hoping someone will
tell me to take my foot
off the gas.

I keep looking up
because I’m afraid
prayer is not enough
to push me out of this rut.

Finally, a voice whispers
“I’ll push, but you’ll
have to turn around.”
And I know He’s right.

Mark Weinrich lives a creative life as a writer, photographer, musician, and artist—all wrapped together in an outdoorsman. He is a retired pastor and nine-year cancer survivor. His writing and photography have appeared in over 139 news stand, inspirational, and literary publications. He has sold eight children’s books and currently has two fantasy novels on Kindle.

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