These Little Ones

by Martin Peter Mburu

I took a little one on a walk. 
On a surprise route. 
But the little one kept asking,
“Are you sure this is the right way?”
Our chatter accompanied the patter of our feet. 
The chatter did not waver from the right way. 
“Yes, it is the right way.”
I told the little one for the third time. 
“Do you know where we are going?”
“No! But I have a feeling this is not the way.” 
“How do you know it is not?”
“I have a strong feeling.”
“We will know then when we get to that signpost.”

The little one was right.
The little one was humbly right. 
He told me sorry for taking the wrong way.
Had it been me, I would have told him,
“I told you so, but you don’t listen.” 
I looked at the seven-year-old little one. 
God does speak to these little ones.

Martin Peter Mburu Waweru is a born-again Christian who loves writing, storytelling, blogging, and talking about Jesus. He lives with his family in Nairobi, Kenya. Martin has a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics, a Master’s in English and linguistics and a Bachelor’s in education. He has over fifteen years of experience teaching English, linguistics and writing at the university. He has published several textbooks for use in Kenyan schools. He has self-published two Christian stories: Mama’s Boardroom and The Last Sermon. They are on Amazon. Currently, he writes Christian fiction and coaches and trains Christian creatives.

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