I Moved

by Martin Peter Mburu

I once moved from God in anger. 
I wandered looking for better alternatives.
I needed a replacement. 
I kept waiting for him to strike in anger. 
Or whip right thinking about me. 
I lined my path with a pavement of conditions. 
But He kept on disappointing me.  
I ran out of the pathway,
I ran out of conditions,
I ran out of options;
I moved back toward him.

He had not moved;
He never moves. 
Like the prodigal one I was, He showered me with joy and celebration.
I was back home.
He had been waiting.  
I looked back, His mercies, love and faithfulness moved with me.
Daily, He left markers and whispers of His unconditional love.
Daily He waited patiently for my eyes to see the right way. 
But I had blinded myself. 

He remains unmoved. 
He never moves.
No matter where what He has created goes,
He remains unmoved in His unconditional love.

Martin Peter Mburu Waweru is a born-again Christian who loves writing, storytelling, blogging, and talking about Jesus. He lives with his family in Nairobi, Kenya. Martin has a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics, a Master’s in English and linguistics and a Bachelor’s in education. He has over fifteen years of experience teaching English, linguistics and writing at the university. He has published several textbooks for use in Kenyan schools. He has self-published two Christian stories: Mama’s Boardroom and The Last Sermon. They are on Amazon. Currently, he writes Christian fiction and coaches and trains Christian creatives.

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