A Beautiful Timeline

by Martin Peter Mburu

I had the best social media timeline.
My friends and family complimented me.
I had thoughtfully crafted and curated all the content on display.  
The numerous likes and provoking comments from my many followers testified. 
One day, I had the highest number of visits,
But a hunger of an absence lingered.
What was missing?

I prayed. I searched. I asked.
“My God, My Lord, I have done so much, but you don’t visit my timeline.”
The Lord answered.
“Long before social media, on the sixth day of creation.
I created the most beautiful timeline that will ever exist: The human heart. 
I visit it all the times. 
I have been looking at yours — 
Your beautiful online timeline is missing in your heart’s display.” 

Martin Peter Mburu Waweru is a born-again Christian who loves writing, storytelling, blogging, and talking about Jesus. He lives with his family in Nairobi, Kenya. Martin has a PhD in Theoretical Linguistics, a Master’s in English and linguistics and a Bachelor’s in education. He has over fifteen years of experience teaching English, linguistics and writing at the university. He has published several textbooks for use in Kenyan schools. He has self-published two Christian stories: Mama’s Boardroom and The Last Sermon. They are on Amazon. Currently, he writes Christian fiction and coaches and trains Christian creatives.

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