Actually, No

by Steve Bell

It was a dark and stormy night…

Actually, no.

I don’t remember anything 
about the weather
or the time of day.

However, that first conversation
was outside my tent
and there was
a Voice shaking the quiet.

I stood there, looking
for the speaker who
called me by my former name,

Was it a daydream,
the voice of my long dead father
shouting inside my head?

Actually, no.

Because the Voice
made an appearance.
I saw
a Something
a Someone
really hard to explain, but
He gave me a command
wrapped in promises:

I will show.
I will make
You a blessing
To all the peoples
On Earth.

So, I went
at age 75
with Sarai
my lovely wife.
Moved everyone
and everything
to a strange land.

I’m sure I sat down to
second guess,
to question
to doubt
to analyze,
maybe negotiate
for better terms.

Actually, no.

Faith is quite illogical,
especially when
you have a life many men
would envy
And a Voice tells you,
A man without children, 
A great nation will be birthed
and you will be remembered,

As the friend of God.

Steve Bell is a Christian poet who lives in Colorado with his wife Gina.  He writes poetry for both children and adults and works part-time in youth development for the YMCA.

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