Deep Breathing

by Steve Bell

Slow down
look up
breathe in
now exhale
yes, you are still very much
alive.  The universe
does not care
but He does.

Who’s He?
Glad you asked.
He molds life out of dirt,
His medium of choice.

He was there
before your first breath;
this current struggle to inhale
an echo of
that day, so please
breathe in
don’t you dare stop.
Your life is worth a second breath
and another and 
another and 
another trillion more.
Yes, He breathed life into you.

He goes by a few names
Adonai, aka

He knows this present life
is a disaster
of unspeakable sadness.
He experienced it,
and it killed Him,
but not for long.
He offers something new
fresh, unblemished, transcendent.

Take a deep breath.
Ask Him anything.
I promise you the answer
will leave you

Steve Bell is a Christian poet who lives in Colorado with his wife Gina.  He writes poetry for both children and adults and works part-time in youth development for the YMCA.

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