by Vaughn Roste

When the crush of the world overwhelms you,
and the pressures that we face are too much,
Jesus says, “Come to me you heavy laden.”		
Be still, and trust in God. Hush…

When the spinning of the world leaves you dizzy,
and the speed of daily life is just so rushed,
Jesus says, “I am here. Follow me.”
Take your time. Smell the roses. Hush…

When the plans that we made are demolished,
and the dreams and hopes we had are simply crushed,
Jesus says, “Let the children come to me.”
He will hold you in His arms. Hush…

When we lose friends and members of our family,
and when those whom we love escape our touch,
Jesus says, “I am here with you always.
Do not fear. Trust in me.” Hush…

When the time comes for daylight to be over,
and the chore of merely breathing is too much,
Jesus says, “Today, you’ll be with me in Paradise.”
And you’ll sink into His arms. Hush…

Vaughn Roste’s first book, The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Canadians, was published by Oval Books in England.He is a published author of books, plays, poems, peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, program notes for CD liners and Carnegie Hall, and a doctoral dissertation. He is also an optioned and produced screenwriter, having won 73 screenplay awards to date.

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