At God’s Table

by Vaughn Roste

At God’s table, grace is freely given.			
At God’s table, hungry folk are fed.
Taste and see what God gives us from heaven:
Christ is here in wine and bread.

At God’s table, thirsty hearts are nourished,
At God’s table, joys and fears are shared.
Here, our empty souls can be replenished,
Broken hearts can be repaired.

At God’s table, we see with God’s vision,
To God’s table, wand’ring folk are led.
From God’s table, we all go forgiven.
God with us in wine and bread.

Vaughn Roste’s first book, The Xenophobe’s Guide to the Canadians, was published by Oval Books in England.He is a published author of books, plays, poems, peer-reviewed articles, book reviews, program notes for CD liners and Carnegie Hall, and a doctoral dissertation. He is also an optioned and produced screenwriter, having won 73 screenplay awards to date.

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