by A.S. Chuba

It may seem useless, growing there,
A lonely apple tree;
But even though it stands there bare-
Hidden, no one can see-
It brings joy to the Lord of Hosts
And makes Him so happy.
He loves this one as if the most
(As any other tree).

And like the trees, we are diverse;
That I think we all see,
And, in God’s sight, we aren’t worse
Than those around us be.
We should be thankful to our Lord
That we are fully free,
And we should pray to God the Word,
Will not forsake us, He.

A.S. Chuba is a 13-year-old Catholic girl in grade eight with a strong passion for poetry. She enjoys writing mostly dreamy freestyle poems without precise meter. She lives in Canada with her parents and four little siblings. She hopes to continue writing throughout her life and maybe bring a few people back into the True Fold.

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