The Loneliness of Glory

by Jack Nathaniel Julius Gregus

Master, there you are
Head up
Already dying
They are heard talking loudly, talking rudely
On the other side, they 
Want to be heard
Fire pits cannot heat cold earth
Wondrous days are soon to come
Wrong first and foremost
You sit and lean on wall, sandals have been taken
Rough and rigid is the journey to Salvation
But it’s not yet
What can be held is chastisement
You breathe and think
We are the same in trauma, called boring, ignored
But that hope is not there
Master, you are scared
The ones
We lost 
Yours, whose life in them seek to condemn
If they only knew
If we loved equal the Greatest Human
If we loved more the soul that endured
Oh you, who gave sight to see
Haystacks give comfort in the absence of our mercy
And the longing breaks and tears
The inner wails
The visit’s you’ve had 
The smiles you gave
Weeks before
Months ago
Crowds never paid
In your Revolution Church, now lonely
Mary exiled in distance
Her son out of reach
Mother cries and midnight horse’s neigh
End and terror to not complement each other
Finality, you thief
The Son closes
He must forget the hypocrisy of embarrassment
Not yet, tempts Satan
Fist clenched
Bookend from Nativity to reclaimed Divinity
Bloom near muck, Image of new Glory
Jesus feels everything
Be with your Master, for He is your servant
The cricket sounds unimportant

Jack Nathaniel Julius Gregus is always working on displaying the hidden world to people either in the forms of writing, photography, or painting. He has multiple projects seeking traditional publication; a 300 poem Anthology regarding his faith, a Memoir about his journey so far, and a passion project that shines light on injustice. When not spending time writing poems, Jack is building up his film script resume. He is a resident of the Windy City and is trying to get by like everyone else, while praying and trusting in his faith.

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