Seven Creation Haikus

by A.S. Chuba

Day One

God is all alone
“Oh, let there be light,” He says.
There is sudden light.

Day Two

God makes Earth a shape:
A sphere covered in water
With clouds above it.

Day Three

There is no dry land,
So, God decides to make it.
Living things come next.

Day Four

Beautiful plants sprout;
God’s making them evergreen;
Trees, grass, and flowers.

Day Five

God makes pretty birds;
God makes nice land animals;
God also makes fish.

Day Six

God still feels alone
So, He makes man and woman
Looking like Himself.

Day Seven

Now God has some friends;
And all rest on day seven.
Everyone will sleep.

A.S. Chuba is a 13-year-old Catholic girl in grade eight with a strong passion for poetry. She enjoys writing mostly dreamy freestyle poems without precise meter. She lives in Canada with her parents and four little siblings. She hopes to continue writing throughout her life and maybe bring a few people back into the True Fold.

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