Promise Keeper

by Tabitha N. Munyoki

Sarah, the wife to Abraham.
Sarah, mother of generations,
Once synonymous with barrenness
And struggle with unbelief.

She cared little for vast wealth,
Milk and honey.
She ached for a babe
Nourished at her breast

Convinced by Abe’s encounter
With a still voice,
Promising healing of heart
And a change of name.

It made her hope,
It made her laugh,
And the waiting
Made her doubt.

And doubt led her to Hagar.
Yet as she turned ninety,
She shared in the Creator’s power,
And witnessed the wail of her child.

Dr. Tabitha N. Munyoki is a registered medical doctor currently working with Centre of Excellence HIV Management (COEHM) as a PMTCT lead in Kenyatta National Hospital-Kenya. She is a graduate of the University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences and currently pursuing a master’s degree in Public Health in the same institution. She is a Christian, a mental health advocate, bibliophile, and a budding poet.

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