A Christian Battle

by Alan Bedworth

I write poetry about Christianity and God.
My spirits lift  whenever I write.
Yet within myself I’m fighting a battle,
am I an hypocrite, 
for not visiting the House of God.

Other Christian poets I read,
give a feeling of love through
the words that they write.
I’m struggling to believe
that my words have that feel.

Yet when my fingers touch the keyboard,
I get the feeling I’m being led
in my choice of words,
and the subjects I choose.
Perhaps I’m being too hard on myself.

And God is showing me the
way to be a good Christian.
By using words to aid those in despair.
Long may it continue
and praise to the Lord.

Alan Bedworth is 65 years old and has been writing poetry and songs for two-and-a-half years. He has some poems published by Open Door Magazine, Trouvaille Review, Ambrosia Literary Garland, The Raconteur Magazine, and the Pangolin Review. Recently, he has had his first book of poems published under the title ‘In My Mind‘. His interests are writing, watching Rugby League, nature, and being outdoors.

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