by Marvin Lee

born for you, born for me,

for he was born to die,

blood smears on a crown of thorns,
lashes across His back,

carrying His cross on a weary road,

nails in his hands,
nails in his feet,

weighed down,
and crucified by the world’s sins,

passing by,
travelers mocked and jeered,

hung to suffer, hung to die,
forsaken by His God,

and yet,
calling out,

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,”

His side in pierced,
and blood and water flows,

for He died on a tree.

Marvin Lee is a speculative fiction writer, member of The Dark Poet Society and slush reader for Quill & Crow Publishing House. He lives deep in the Amazon jungles of Venezuela over 200 miles with his wife and four kids. His short fiction and poetry can be found in the Crow Calls volumes, Pure In Heart, Agape Review and Synthetic Reality Magazine.

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