A Higher Life

by Deborah Ifeoma Nkemjika

Journeying upon the sands of time.
I take no rest and turn back not.
My will loses its consciousness,
And my spirit freely takes flight.

It flies beyond the reach of men,
And it glides across many realms.
Flesh and blood cannot reveal this, 
But the heart of love and laughter.

What wisdom matches His foolishness,
And what knowledge beats His ignorance?
This truth is revealed only to babies,
And it requires just a leap of faith.

I journey upon the sands of time
In all diligence and faithfulness.
This is the price for a higher life;
A life free from strife.

Deborah Ifeoma Nkemjika is a born writer who majors in essays, short stories, reviews, and poetry. She is a Christian, a varsity student studying English and Literary Studies in the faculty of Education. She currently lives in Nigeria.

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