by A.M. Moodley

A little girl looks up at Him
As He looks down at her,
She runs up to embrace Him,
Her heart set afire.

In tears of sadness, she embraced Him tight.
He said, “My daughter, do not be afraid,
For you have earned truly the greatest might.”
A soldier pushes her, “This must not be delayed.”

A crown on His head;
A cross on His back;
She looks as He walks ahead,
As though this is what He lacked.

Tap, tap, tap, went the hammer -
When the nails were put in
The cross put up as a banner.
There He hangs, dead, for all our sins

Aquilla looks up in tears,
She hears the mourning of His mother,
“He took away all of our fears,
He is my Heavenly Father.”

A.M. Moodley is a 12-year-old Catholic girl in grade seven with a strong passion for story writing and poetry. She enjoys writing fantasy and fiction stories, as well as poems of all sorts. She lives in Canada with her parents and two (soon to be three) siblings. She really hopes to continue writing throughout her life and make people see the beauty in poetry.

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