The Christian Essence

by Deborah Ifeoma Nkemjika

The world may be wild
With each passing day;
Drunken with violence.
But I choose to stay mild,
Sharing your love each day.
This is the Christian essence.

This cross may seem so heavy,
Cruel, uncertain and impossible,
And this cup may never pass.
But the world I refuse to envy.
For with God, all is possible,
Because this too shall pass. 

More grace I pray, Lord.
To remain faithful to your ways;
Loving, watching, and praying.
Strongly to you I hold,
Until nearer comes the days
When suffering turns to singing.

Deborah Ifeoma Nkemjika is a born writer who majors in essays, short stories, reviews, and poetry. She is a Christian, a varsity student studying English and Literary Studies in the faculty of Education. She currently lives in Nigeria.

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