I Am

by Victor Oyewole

I keep asking myself,
Will He be proud of me?
Seemingly, it seems—a facade;
As my axe rams in the wood.
I know I'm just a kvetcher,
But He styles me divine, O lover.
Do you know I act as a cur,
But softly, He says I'm a victor.
"Please, tell who I am"
He says "You're just who I am.
You're powerful than you're,
You're beautiful than you're,
With me, we stand in glory."
On my knees, I cry out
In my distress, I sing
"If it has not been for the Lord,
What would have been my song?"

Victor Oyewole is a Nigerian poet and writer. He has his works published on Spillwords, Poemify, League of Poets, Bironote and many others. He believes writing is a tool for a transformation and he loves to read books.

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