by Emmanuel G G Yamba

When breath crawls out of the nostrils, grow wings and fly way beyond the reach of humanity,

When the mouth is locked, and the fire of speech is quenched from confessing sin,

When the legs are drained of strength, such that it cannot lead a sinner to the gathering of saints,

When the ear has grown dull, that it can’t hear, the preacher says, thus saith the Lord,

When the eyes get blurred to the extent that it’s unable to recognize the old, ragged cross,

When the hands are paralyzed that it can’t be lifted to worship the Most High, 

When you can’t feel the touch of man and the sensory organs wear a garment of stone,

Then the mind will realize that one second after death is too late to receive repentance. 

Emmanuel G G Yamba is an emerging Christian poet and also an undergraduate student at the University Of Liberia.

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