Oh, Love

by Richard Palmquist

—what grandeur—
have you made
—that survives—
—monumentous stupidity?
What brilliance shines
—past a horizon—
we can barely see
—(a phenomenon—
…an arc…standing
known and feared?)
What minds grasp
—the perfection—
continuing through
—such human-made chaos?
Ten thousand voices
—chanting garbage—
laying stones
—building paths—
that lead
—blind followers—
no where
—but down…
A sleep-walking herd
mindless shepherds—
—ones that care—
more for profit & power
—than for the children—
being ground
—into troubled dust?
Is it good
—that we are isolated—
—upon such beautiful earth
—by a vast vacuum—
that our bad ideas
—corrupt nothing more?
—‘round and ‘round—
until someone sees
and the Still
—might perceive—
the Power
—behind the sunrise…
The miracles
—that make—
physicists struggle
—and the dying—
smile and sigh
—only to—
Oh, Love
—can you come—
touching us gently enough
—that we might listen
That we might finally
—hear & witness—
enough to learn
—and in that learning—
yearn enough for change
—that we take—
the energy of sunrise
—moving through our day
Doing good
—at every choice—
finally able to rest & heal
—troubled no more—
by darkness
—finding night—
a blessed time
—for thanks & celebration
Completed by
—such Grace & wisdom—
as only
—sparrows know…

Richard Palmquist is a practicing integrative veterinarian in Inglewood, California who loves life and all its many blessings. He authors poetry which covers a wide range of topics but centers on the importance of Love, its source and the challenges we face in daily life. 

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