The Journey of a Christian

by Blessing Wingbah

Yesterday, I time-traveled through the pages of the Bible,
Taking me back to the beginning of the beginnings, Genesis

As it is written, God created the heavens and the Earth
The sun and the moon

The waters and the land
The birds and fishes

And finally, as He is God, with great precision, created mankind in His image
A direct replica of His being

Giving mankind authority over all creatures
Both small and big, clean and unclean
He placed mankind in His garden to reign over all with Him as the only exception

Carefully walking through the pages of this ancient book,
I witnessed the uncanny birth of sin
And how it corrupted God’s perfect creation

Like a virus in a software, it spreads out through every corner of the heavenly father creation
Leaving nothing at its mercy

Now, it is written that God, being God,
Regretted making His creation
I carefully watched as He destroyed all but one faithful family, 
hoping to wipe out from the surface; sin, an unworthy virus.

As I traveled further, I saw the names of great men
Who lived years greater than we do at present
Men, who, as each generation goes, draws farther away from God,
Leaving a faithful few in his presence

As a time traveler of the Bible, I paused to take it all in
Cause that is only as far as my 30 minutes a day could take me
I closed the pages of this great book
Joyfully awaiting the dawn of a new day to uncover the hidden secrets of a Christian's life.

Blessing Wingbah is a full-time student based in Liberia whose passion for reading and writing poetry grows every minute. 

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