Dystopian Faith

by Ron Levi

Twilight shrouds the land of indulgence, yet the inhabitants stumble and curse as the light fades to darkness. The people devolve into angry, hateful miscreants that further increase their debasement. The arrogant foolishly believe they can dictate righteousness. Or bamboozle the populace to follow their corrupt practices.
The past Glory shall not return. The blessings of peace and prosperity will not shine again. Wickedness' voracious consumption never ceases. Even so, the revelers of evil delight in their depravity. It emboldens the pretenders of the Faith. Now they accelerate their pace toward their just end. Therefore, gird yourselves; the bill is now due.

Ron Levi has been sharing his writing via email, text, and Facebook for over thirty years. His only goal is to be faithful in writing what his heart hears.

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