Where Is My Faith?

by Pett Ezra Isaac

What’s on Earth that will divert me,
That will turn me away from His love,
The love that, He feels me with.
All were thoughts in me,
But I am weak, a sinner.
A sinner who keeps sinning 
Whenever I get tempted

He’s the only one who embraces me,
Not minding who I am.
People have judged, 
They have punished me,
They have abandoned me.
You still bring me closer to You.

You have given me opportunities,
To keep sailing, and You promise me,
No wave will turn my boat,
No wind will change my direction.
You take me where You want me to be.
But when I reach, I turn away from You.
I sin again, thinking I am right.
And You're bringing me back to You.

Pett Ezra Isaac is a 19-year-old Ugandan poet who writes poems on different themes. His work has been published in different anthologies. He is currently a student at the Kololo secondary school.

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