Praying Blur

by Sani Favour Ojochenemi

It was 3:00 p.m. and it was time for me to go and say some prayers. I had to excuse myself from my students.

I had my glasses on since the beginning of the class, so I decided to give my eyes a break. As I removed my glasses, Chris said, “Hope you are not going to pray blurringly.”

Reflecting on those words now, it makes perfect sense.

The importance of prayers in the life of a believer cannot be overemphasized.

Scripture emphasized on the need to pray always, to pray without season. Prayer is way beyond muttering some words to God, it is communion. It is fellowship with our Heavenly Father.

Often, when we want to pray, we take off our glasses and pray with blurry vision, we pray blurringly. We pray without understanding. We pray without inspiration from the Holy Spirit. All these translate to praying blurringly.

The next day, while I was to go pray again, I jokingly told Chris I was not going to pray blur.

Sani Favour Ojochenemi is a Nigerian. She is 21 years old and loves to express her thoughts through writing. She is currently studying medicine and surgery at the College of Health Sciences, University of Jos, Nigeria.

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