Our Refuge

by Emmanuel G G Yamba

Shelter from the storms of life
Your powerful right hand blocks the heat from the sun
& wetness from the rain

Help in yesteryears 
Shielded us from the belly of our mothers, four legs
& until the stage we stood upright 

An eagle, whose wings we are safe
When everywhere shakes, he keeps us safe in times of trouble water 
& the raging of the tempest

Him that made us the apple of His eye
Like the children of Israel, delivering us from slavery, quenching our thirst
& buttering our bread, carrying us to a land overflowing with milk and honey.

When surrounded by bewilderment 
Your voice speaks peace, be still
& there is a calm in the twilight of an eye

You are our refuge and strong arm
The one who leads us from mountains to the valleys of life
& gives us rest in your paradise.

Emmanuel G G Yamba is an emerging Christian poet and also an undergraduate student at the University Of Liberia.

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