The Word of God

by Victor Oyewole

The word of God comforts me,
It is my daily meal.

When I walk down the valley,
It tells me not to fear;
For my God is with me. 

When I am up on the mountain,
It says I should rejoice;
For my God does great wonders.

When my friends turn to foes,
It reminds me of my Father's love;
That heals my broken heart. 

When enemies rise against me,
It assures me of victory in Christ;
The battle he has fought and won.

When storms arise and rage,
It teaches me the way out,
And strengthens me not to faint. 

As I journey to receive my crown,
In God's word, I delight in every day,
Till I reign with Him forever. 

It tells me to hold onto the fort,
For Christ comes soon.

Victor Oyewole is a Nigerian poet and writer. He has his works published on Spillwords, Poemify, League of Poets, Bironote and many others. He believes writing is a tool for a transformation and he loves to read books.

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