Dear Lord

by Emmanuel G G Yamba

Crept into my solitary room
As my watery eyes grew dark
Stared at the ceiling while on the bed
Unable to drop on my knees,
Fold my hands and say a prayer

Because the pain within
Has used me like its prey
I’m a butterfly in its larva stage
So, my eyes created two roads on my face
I beg for words that I couldn’t utter

So, I pull my heart out to God
In a letter I’ve written without a single word
He sees the broken inside of me
And knows the bruise I hide 
As I drown in the pool of sadness 

Hope he’s gonna wipe my tears
And deliver me from my fears
Coz the thorn has gone deep in my flesh 
And it’s causing a mixture 
Of both blood and sweat

Dear Lord, I need your help
My bedsheet is soaked with saline 
My reality really needs changes 
Answer a prayer made with flood
That I may again feel bliss

Emmanuel G G Yamba is an emerging Christian poet and also an undergraduate student at the University Of Liberia.

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