New Year’s True Purpose

by Ron Levi

Ascend the mountain of hope where aspirations abound.
The horizon of what is possible is visible. 
Frustrated hands stretch for the shimmering gift that few obtain.

The accumulated yesterdays of unaccomplished goals mockingly laugh.
Whispers of doubt advise this year will be as futile as before.
Hope fades in the rearview of dreams languishing without certainty of resurrection.

Failure lies within us. It belies the eternal truth.
A gateway ushers beyond the cravings for vainglorious baubles of pettiness.
However, it is not rooted or grounded upon New Year's resolutions.
We are spiritual by design to fulfill an eternal purpose.
The harvest fields await our acceptance of this calling.
We have a higher purpose, and our spirit awaits unshackling from yesterday's inertia. 
Therefore, we must seek the Lord's counsel to end the unproductive rerun of prior years.
Father of Glory, we humbly surrender our hearts and beg for forgiveness. 
We acknowledge our self-serving behavior. 
Free us from our pathological pursuit of glimmering mirages of triviality.
Instill, in our hearts, a love for others. Please help us to listen and let our words be few earnestly. 
Rejuvenate our desire to serve rather than to be served. 
Remind us. Our good works and deeds represent the Kingdom of God. 
We are the Vanguard of Hope in a world lost in darkness.
I pray this is the year we accept the commission to represent the Lord wholeheartedly.

Ron Levi has been sharing his writing via email, text, and Facebook for over thirty years. His only goal is to be faithful in writing what his heart hears.

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