Dear Lord Jesus

by Amos Momo Ngumbu Jr

It was never my prayer to have seen
worthless lives on the streets,
where the home full of joys
has become misinterpreted 
by prophets & prophetesses. 

As the cloud befriends the day
and my heart’s full of grace, 
I have come to say
‘Dear lord, here I am,
cleanse me from all unrighteousness
and lead me to a brighter life.’

Dear Lord,
I am seated in a room of metaphor, 
and my voice has become clucked,
wishing you be my favorite inspiration
on this occasion. 

Dear Lord,
I may not be your favorite servant, 
but I do promise to live by your
If I’m to die, let me die while serving you. 

Many a times,
I have been asked by opposite believers 
‘Who is this Jesus?’
A question to be answered.
But I pray to you,
who is Him.

Amos Momo Ngumbu Jr. writes from somewhere in Monrovia, Liberia. His works are forthcoming in Poetry Soup and We Write Liberia website. He is also the author of the chapbook called ‘Africa Weep No More”. When this lad is not writing a poem, he finds comfort in graphic designing with his laptop as well as reading books.

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